The Consequences of Anger

The Consequences of Anger

To ourselves:

1. Your relationships with other people will suffer. For example, a marriage will not thrive if one or both spouses become angry and refuse to address the problem.

2. You will develop a critical spirit. Bitter people often become judgmental in an effort to justify their negative feelings.

3. You will lack peace. Hostility makes you restless and robs you of joy.

4. Anger leads to emotional isolation. When people are wounded, they often try to protect themselves from further hurt by pushing others away.

5. Anger results in frustration and anxiety. You may expect betrayal or constantly question the motives of those who are kind to you.

6. It leaves you feeling empty. When we cut ourselves off from friendships in order to prevent further hurt.

7. It can also cause you to become narrow in mind and heart. You begin to criticize and belittle others—perhaps through joking––but the barbs are real.

8. Anger sometimes manifests itself through chronic tardiness. By being late, people seek to demonstrate that no one can tell them what to do.

9. Hostility can make you disagreeable. If you have unresolved anger, it can make you argumentative with everyone, not just the person who offended you.

10. Anger can make you sloppy on the job. You may begin to justify failing to look your best, do your best, and be your best at work.

11. Anger can cause you to lose your enthusiasm. You may withdraw from social activities or lose your excitement for hobbies and passions.

12. Hostility, if left unchecked, results in procrastination. It diminishes your ability to concentrate, so you are less likely to complete tasks.

13. Anger can contribute to obesity, because people try to comfort themselves through food.

14. It also prevents genuine sexual intimacy in marriage.

To our health:

1. Unresolved, unrighteous anger increases your adrenalin level, heart rate, and blood pressure. Your mouth becomes dry and your hands get moist. Your stomach tenses and interrupts digestion, and blood rushes to supply your muscles with extra energy.

2. Chronic rage or resentment, over the long term, contributes to ulcers, hypertension, heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke. It results in crippling arthritis and severe depression. In short, every system of your body is affected. Initially, you may not feel these devastating effects of anger, but over time, they can ruin your health.

To other people:

1. Anger hurts those around us. Resentment separates close friendships and other relationships. It’s often a factor in divorce.

2. Rage can cause damage to the belongings of others. Sometimes it even results in physical harm or loss of innocent life.

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