Kill Someone Over a Piece of Chicken? | 5 Cues Your Anger is Out of Control!

Kill Someone Over a Piece of Chicken? | 5 Cues Your Anger is Out of Control!

In past news it was reported that a man allegedly got in a fist fightwith a friend over food, stabbed and killed him. I would imagine this is shocking to most people. Who would A. kill a friend and B. over food?

It doesn’t make much sense when you read the headline but truth is this was most likely not about the fried chicken and more about a deeper issue that caused this man to make a horrible life changing decision. Interestingly enough most people don’t even realize they have an anger management problem until it’s too late.

Here are 5 cues your anger is out of control:

Anger has Physical Reactions

Face turning red, shaking, muscle tension, and accelerated heart rate are all physical cues of rage. When someone’s face turns red in anger it means their body temperature is actually increasing. The increase in heat may also lead to pacing, fidgeting, anxiety, high blood pressure and even cause a heart attack. A combination of these sensations may also lead to aggressive outbursts.

Anger is Too Often

If you are finding yourself angry all the time this is a clear indication that there is a problem. Feeling as if you are on the defense means that you have unresolved anger that needs to be dealt with. Take note of what you are thinking about and if most of your thoughts are complaints or rageful nature you may be one step from going over the edge. What we are thinking about has a lot of influence on our actions.

Anger is Too Intense

Do you find yourself overreacting to minor things? If you are blowing a gasket every time something goes wrong or someone upsets you it’s time to take a hard look at your anger. Do you find yourself in a cycle of regret because you continue to lose your cool? If so you are most likely causing damage not only to your relationships but also people’s perception of you.

Anger Lasts for Too Long

if you have been feeling all of the above for more than 3 months it’s time to take action. The longer you allow anger to fester the more damage it can cause you both psychologically and physically.

Anger has Become Aggressive

Do you find yourself being verbally abusive to others? Have you lost control and physically harmed another person, property or animal? If the answer is yes you are at an even higher risk of having not only legal problems but ending up in a situation that could change your life.

I have heard people say I was born like this or I just can’t help the way that I am as it pertains to anger. I have personally struggled with my own anger for a good portion of my life.

Here are the facts; anger is a learned behavior and a secondary emotion. We are not born angry. If you are struggling with anger there is a great likelihood that you have deeper unresolved issues that need to be dealt with.

Every time we lose our cool we give away our power. Get the help of a trained professional so that you can overcome these feelings and find the peace you deserve.

Call Life Counseling Solutions today at 407-622-1770 if you are noticing anger slowly taking over your life and hurting the people around you! Or, join us in our monthly 8-hour anger management workshop for practical tips in controlling the rage within. Click hereto register or to find out more. 

Author: Veronica Concepcion

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