Individual Counseling

Do you ever get angry?How do you feel about your own anger?How would your life be different if you were to respond to anger in a healthy way?

Life Counseling Solutions offers counseling for those needing to learn effective ways to manage their anger.

What is Anger?

Anger is defined as a strong feeling of displeasure and antagonism, indignation or an automatic reaction to any real or imagined insult, frustration, or injustice, producing emotional agitation seeking expression. Anger is caused by feelings of helplessness and the need to control situations, people and consequences. When anger is expressed in a healthy way, can foster personal growth and significance, improving relationships and changing lives.

The power of Anger

Anger is a warning sign letting you know that something is wrong. Anger provides you with energy to resist emotional and physical threats.  Also, anger can help you overcome your fears of facing conflicts. However, anger can be harmful to your mental health and relationships.

Signs indicating when anger is a problem

  • When is too frequent
  • When is too intense
  • When it lasts too long
  • When it leads to aggression
  • When it disturbs work or relationships

Anger Management Counseling will help you develop the tools to regain control of your anger.

In Anger Management Counseling you will learn:

  • Assertive communication: speaking the truth about your needs and feelings
  • Problem-solving: seeking the best solution
  • Conflict resolution: negotiating to win-win
  • Forgiveness: letting go of resentment

What are the benefits of controlling your anger?

  • Self-control and a sense of “personal power”
  • No one will be able to make you angry or “push your buttons”
  • By controlling your anger, you are more likely to respond to people and situations in ways that serve your best interests


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