Five Signs You Are A Rage-aholic | Anger Management of Orlando

Five Signs You Are A Rage-aholic | Anger Management of Orlando

Are you a rage-aholic? You might not think so but read this entire article and you might change your mind. Just what is rage? According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary Rage, the noun is a strong feeling of anger that is difficult to control, a sudden expression of violent anger. Rage is also a verb, it means to talk in an extremely angry way, to shout loudly and angrily, to happen or continue in a destructive, violent, or intense way.

Now that we clearly know what rage is, we’ll see if you are a Rage-aholic.

1 – High Reactivity

Does “Rage” wake you up in the morning leaving you with high levels of reactivity? The least little thing sets you off and you react with a fury? Your days are full of your high-pressured reactions to the least of things that may happen. Everything is a major incident. Interactions are as hostile as the feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys. These may be signs of high reactivity.

2 – Unpredictable

You are unpredictable and the only constant in your life is rage. When people don’t respond in the way, manner, style and timeliness that you think they should you can unleash your rage at a moment’s notice. If any of these sounds like you, you are a rage-aholic. Rage takes no prisoners. It will conquer your life and take over.

3 – Controlling

Are you controlling of the people closest to you? Your conversations will be filled with hurt and pain. Your words will express just how angry you are. Violent outbursts will become increasingly common. They will become so common that people around you will expect them and when you don’t have a violent or even a near violent response people will wonder what’s wrong with you, where’s the real you.

4 – Insecurity

Do you have hidden insecurities that are covered by your “Rage”? Those closest to you will often be afraid to let you know you have a problem. The brave ones will dare to hold a mirror up for you to see the destruction of your behavior. Where ever you go and who ever you come in contact with will experience your rage like a hurricane barreling through the Midwest. The damages will be severe and the cost can not be calculated. It is very difficult to put a price on people’s feelings and emotions. But you won’t care because as a “Rage-aholic” you need the rage to make you feel whole.

5 – Addictions

Do you have any addictions that are really controlling your life but you use rage to cover them? Drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, food are just a few of the things you could be addicted to that you would use your rage to cover.

Rage will wake you in the morning, guide you through your daily activities, escort you to lunch, provoke you to offend anyone close to you and those you work with for no good reason at all, will drive home with you in the evening and put you to bed at night. Rage will make you feel like your blood is boiling, you will be just that angry. There is help available. You can stop the destruction and have meaningful relationships that don’t require anger, frustration, yelling, screaming, insecurities, control and the list goes on. You can be better and you can have a different life.

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Written by Janie Lacy

Janie’s mission is to use her talents and abilities to help people of all ages, stages, backgrounds, and economic levels achieve their maximum potential through fully developing their minds and their talents. Janie’s belief in a relational approach is implemented through her therapeutic treatments addressing the physical, mental, social/emotional, and spiritual aspects of the individual.


  1. Chuck Schertle

    Thank You Janie lacy
    For your article on rage a holics. I just had to leave a rageaholic after a three year relationship. I am a mental and physical wreck. Now I know that there is a term for her horrible outbursts.what
    Help is available for the victims of
    Rageaholics.Thanks, chuck

    • Hi Chuck! I recommend seeking one on one counseling for yourself, as well as finding a support group in your area for those who’ve suffered emotional abuse. I hope that helps!

  2. Patrick Berry

    Married since June 17, 2013. Known each other since 2003. I am 68, retired USAF, but working at home, building computers for charities. Magalie is 54, a med. tech. who commutes to Eustis & Orlando, from our home in downtown Oviedo. We have trouble with communications. Both were raised Catholic, but, attend, occasionally, any church that piques our curiosity.

    Sudden outbursts of rage, by her, and my peacemaking attempts that only seem to get a response of “you are trying to control me!” resulted in
    her legal troubles, at great cost to me, and possibly to her. Counseling is necessary for us both, so that we can adjust to continue our marriage.

    She claims she has to walk on eggshells, but, is always on hyper alert to
    misconstrue meanings of my greetings, or of my lightest comments of love, or weather, or wildlife in the bird sanctuary! Her rage is destroying our marriage of 2.6 years!

    Counseling is necessary for us both, so that we can adjust to continue our marriage.

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