What is anger management?

Life Counseling Solutions provides Anger Management services in Central Florida through Individual Counseling and 8-hour Anger Management Workshops. Our Anger Management Workshops and Individual Counseling services are facilitated by Master level, Anger Management Experts. At Life Counseling Solutions you will experience a fun, supportive and educational approach to Anger Management.

Anger is a great force. If you control it – it can be transmuted into a power which can move the whole world. ~William Shenstone

Life Counseling Solutions provides quality anger management services for those struggling with the effects of anger, rage and stress.

8-Hour Anger Management Workshops will cover:

  • Rage-Understanding the Monster Within
  • Why We All Struggle with Anger
  • Turning Harmful Anger to Helpful Anger
  • How To Resolve Conflict Constructively
  • Learning How to Stop Stress Before it Starts

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    Anger Management Counseling will help you learn:

  • Assertive communication: speaking the truth about your needs and feelings
  • Problem-solving: seeking the best solution
  • Conflict resolution: negotiating to win-win
  • Forgiveness: letting go of resentment

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    Life Counseling Solutions will help you develop the tools to control your anger. For more information about Individual Anger Management Counseling and the 8-Hour Anger Management Workshop call us today at (407)622.1770