What is anger management?

Life Counseling Solutions provides Anger Management services in Central Florida through Individual Counseling and 8-hour Anger Management Workshops. Our Anger Management Workshops and Individual Counseling services are facilitated by Master level, Anger Management Experts. At Life Counseling Solutions you will experience a fun, supportive and educational approach to Anger Management.


Anger is a great force. If you control it – it can be transmuted into a power which can move the whole world. ~William Shenstone

Life Counseling Solutions provides quality anger management services for those struggling with the effects of anger, rage and stress.

8-Hour Anger Management Workshops will cover:

  • Rage-Understanding the Monster Within
  • Why We All Struggle with Anger
  • Turning Harmful Anger to Helpful Anger
  • How To Resolve Conflict Constructively
  • Learning How to Stop Stress Before it Starts

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Anger Management Counseling will help you learn:

  • Assertive communication: speaking the truth about your needs and feelings
  • Problem-solving: seeking the best solution
  • Conflict resolution: negotiating to win-win
  • Forgiveness: letting go of resentment

More about Anger Management Counseling

Life Counseling Solutions will help you develop the tools to control your anger. For more information about Individual Anger Management Counseling and the 8-Hour Anger Management Workshop call us today at (407)622.1770